Gulf Shores Travel Journal

Hey  guys!! Welcome back 🙂 I hope that the beginning of the school year has been treating everyone really well! Hopefully there’s minimal homework and you’re loving all of your classes. Ever since school started, my friends and I have been talking about all the really awesome places we got to travel to over the summer. I found myself talking about my trip to Gulf Shores this summer quite often, so I figured I would tell my blog readers about it too!

Don’t get me wrong, I would take up any offer to go to any beach at any time. However, there was just something about Gulf Shores that has made it my absolute favorite beach. There was perfectly white sand that didn’t burn your feet when you walked across it, really clear water so you could see exactly what you were swimming with, and the weather was perfect! I have never been a super big fan of being in the ocean, I mean how gross is it that you never know what is swimming beside you, but in Gulf Shores I found myself spending so much time in the ocean. The only thing is, you do have to be careful of the jellyfish there. They were crazy the week that we were there! Gulf Shores definitely had the prettiest beach that I have ever been to.

There was also so much to do in Gulf Shores, aside from spending all of your time at the beach. While we were there we went to Fort Morgan, The Hangout, Lulu’s and the Gulf State Park Pier. Fort Morgan sounds so boring, I know- who wants to spend their vacation looking at historical stuff? However, when you are the daughter of a history teacher, you learn to appreciate it. There was a lot to look at there, and great photo opportunities. Even my 12 year old brothers found a way to enjoy it. We also went to The Hangout, which is an absolute must if you ever find yourself in Gulf Shores. There is so much to do for, and there is so much entertainment. They have live music, games, and the cutest T-shirts. Lulu’s is a restaurant with a pretty similar environment as The Hangout, but with even better food. Unfortunately, when we went to Lulu’s it was pouring down rain, so we did not really get an opportunity to experience all the entertainment they had. Even though it was raining, that was still one of the best nights we had there, and I know it would be even more fun with good weather. Another one of my favorite things we did was go the the pier. My parents went without me, and they got to see a shark! Although I didn’t get to see a shark when I went, it was still so much fun and I got to see so much wildlife. They also have such good ice cream on the pier. Speaking of wildlife, we went on a dolphin boat tour, and Is saw more dolphins than I have ever seen on a boat cruise. It was one of the coolest things. Lastly, my favorite night of the entire week was 4th of July. I was so lucky that the rain held off and we got to watch fireworks while sitting in beach chairs. Does it even get better than that??

Overall, Gulf Shores was definitely the highlight of my summer, and one of my favorite place that I have ever traveled to- definitely my favorite beach. Thank you so much for reading my blog! I hope you continue to work hard during the school year and that things go your way!

-Shelby 🙂

P.S. here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip!




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